Millennial Men and Women and the Collapse of the Power Bubble

When I started this blog in 2013, I liked the name because I felt like I could speak to some of the issues Millennials were having. Like a Monday Morning Quarterback, which is a person who watches American Football on Sunday, and then has many great ideas for what the team should have done, and... Continue Reading →


Does the ENTP ever stop talking?

Yes. Sometimes he is on Google Hangouts with his mouth closed. In this mode he communicates silently at high speed. I thought I'd take a look at how many words my friends and I had exchanged over about 78 days. All handles, timestamps, and metadata were removed for this wordcount. If you're interested in downloading... Continue Reading →

Art_0.096: Cartoonish Girl

An effort to draw the same girl I've been trying to draw for a while now. This one is a bit cartoonish. I like some things about it but it looks a ways off my intent.   It's okay though. she does look like a cartoonish version of the girl I tried to draw, I... Continue Reading →

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